Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?

When information technology was the printed word, T.S. Eliot understood that it’s not enough to know something. More important is understanding. Technology is in an endless cycle of invention and experimentation, yet businesses need solutions that are constrained by security, performance, and cost. To meet that challenge, we help you choose the right technologies and employ the best practices to accomplish your business goals. We apply wisdom.

Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

With the myriad of technologies available, what will work within your business context? The foundation of every successful business is information, and top performers extract knowledge from information in fast and reliable ways. Proper information architecture is an implicit requirement for your successful business.

Where is the information we have lost in data?

Narbik Manukian extended T.S. Eliot’s musings with this important fact: we often consider mountains of data as equal to knowledge. People need to find and share the right data at the right time to distill it into knowledge. We help you build continuously evolving systems that facilitate access to business-critical data.