Where is the wisdom we lost in knowledge?

Creating reliable technical solutions to meet business objectives isn’t easy. Why? Because business imperatives are constantly changing. Technology is constantly changing. Businesses need solutions that address functionality, security, speed, and cost of maintenance. From basic e-commerce websites to enterprise applications, it’s a challenge to choose the right technologies and employ the best practices that accomplish business goals.

Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

With the myriad of technologies available today it’s important to know what works within a given business context. The foundation of every business is information; however, top performers can extract knowledge from information in fast and reliable ways. From lightweight MySQL to heavyweight Oracle, it’s critical to design the proper architecture of information storage and retrieval,  an implicit requirement of any successful business.

Where is the information we have lost in data?

Empower people with the ability to find and share the right information at the right time to fuel innovation and discovery. Build continuously evolving systems that ease access to business-critical data.  Be it back-end legacy or on-line transaction systems, it’s the art of systems integration that creates successful e-business projects.